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Go-To-Market Strategy

This is where we connect all the dots .

We select your Goals, put it under the umbrella of a Business Strategy and the Go-To-Market plan will be your call for action.

Let's say it simpler .

We help you launch the right product, at the right moment, to the right market and customer, through the right channels and at the right price.

International Market Entry
We can help you select your Goals: where to go and why, identify competition & potential partners and how to differentiate based on product and monetization models.
Channel & Ecosystem Strategy
We can help you define your Business Strategy: How to sell -direct and indirect, Who to go to market with and Why, and How to monetize that ecosystem.
Go-to-Market Plan
This is where we put all pieces together. Your Goals will be your chosen options. Strategy is how you will get there. The go-to-market plan are the steps you need to accomplish to get there.
Case Study
We devised a GTM plan for a top US Life Sciences company launching a digitalization & expansion project in EMEA, migrating from a traditional product and sales model into a digital one. Key deliverables were the market entry assessment, product localization and creation of a new partner ecosystem.

Length: 12 months
Billing: Monthly retention fee
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