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We help Digital Health companies go global .

About us .
We help Health Tech companies grow and scale their solutions.
In less time. With less risk and cost.

Our experts can simplify the complex and help you build a viable Go-to-Market strategy.

Why us? .
Market Expertise
Every health market is different. Hands-on experience in is key to select the right routes to market. Powered by a core of 30+ health tech GTM experts, we can help you grow your business--no matter where you are.

Fast Go-to-Market
We have done it before. We can quickly validate your strategy, identify shortcuts and fast track your Go-to-Market strategy. In confidence. Our sweet spot? Business Model prototyping and partnerships.
Flexible Pricing
We are not the typical consultant. Big or Small. One-off service or long-term, we adapt our business model to you. SaaS, flexible in scope -we cater for all wallets.

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Our Core Services .
Our core services are tailored to help companies at any stage sell their solutions to the Healthcare and Life Sciences Markets.
Other Services .
Our team members are go-to-market experts.
We offer 3 services aimed to help Digital companies expand globally, independently of the market segment.
Our Team .
Powered by 30+ on-demand experts, we can help you scale your business. Faster, Smarter, Cheaper.

Meet our Board
Founder & CEO . Health Tech Expert
Qasim (George) Bashir

COO . Scale-Up Advisory
Massimo Gentili

Partnerships . EdTech Expert
Ioannis Drakopoulos

EU Funds
. SmartCity Expert
On-demand. On your terms

Health Tech . Biotech
. Go-to-Market

Clients & Partners .
Meet some key references of clients and partners
Global Market Expansion. Simplified .
Contact us .
Please tell us how we can help
+44 (0)20 3227 0159
Find us
69 Wilson Street,

All appointments will be virtual till further notice

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