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Channel & Ecosystem Strategy

Nobody goes to market alone.

The value of a company is measured by the scale of their partnerships.

We can help you define your Business Strategy: how to sell -direct and indirect sales models, who to go to market with and why, and how to monetize that ecosystem.
Sales Model
Define the sales strategy (Direct vs Indirect); Local services provision & scalability; Analyze sources of revenue;
Partner Strategy
Partner strategy; Partner profiling; Partner Selection; Partner Plan.
Ecosystem Strategy
Traditional and new digital ecosystems intersect. We can help you define an innovative ecosystem strategy to help you co-innovate, co-launch, co-sell globally.
Financial Viability
Monetization Strategy; Resourcing; Cost Analysis/ROI; Financial Plan.
Case Study
We assisted a leading European Clinical Decision Support System company migrate from a direct to partner-led sales model. We also improved their solution through technical alliances.

Length: 18 months.
Billing: Retention monthly fee.
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