I-Expand was founded in 2012 by Pilar Fernandez-Hermida, a Digital Technology professional with 18 years of experience in international sales, channel creation and business development for both profit and non-profit organizations. 

I-expand relies on a Leadership Team and network of 30 international collaborators specialised in different complementary areas, who can bring their local knowledge. As Principal Consultant, Pilar is directly responsible for the company's international market expansion, channel creation and negotiations with key clients and partners.

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Pilar Fernandez-Hermida, Founder and Principal Consultant

Pilar brings with her nearly 20 years of experience in international sales strategy, channel creation and business development for both profit and non-profit.  A firm believer in innovation through technology,  she has assisted multiple healthcare organizations to translate the benefits of technology into positive outcomes  and to set up the right ecosystems and business models to make that transformation sustainable.  Pilar has been a member in the international management team of companies such as Cisco and Wolters Kluwer and has worked across 4 continents. She is an active  participant of the Health IT community,  board member of MakeitGlobal and several EU associations.  Pilar is fluent in 8 languages. 



Massimo Gentili, Enterprise Software/SaaS Industry Expert

Massimo Gentili is a professional who has enjoyed a career that combines extensive consultancy experience within the Internet and Information Technology industries. Over the last 20 years, he has performed on senior sales and business development roles, to develop the international markets on behalf of US- and EU- headquartered companies. He has been a key member of the International Management Team at companies such as Blackboard and Wimba: his experience throughout Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Australia spans from developing operations to position complex networking and software applications (Compaq, Cisco Systems) to Software-as-a-Service platforms (Blackboard, Wimba), with particular focus on key SaaS- based enterprise solutions such as e-Learning and educational technologies, audio/video communication, virtual collaboration and social networking, online content providers, professional integration, online tutoring and project management services. Massimo is also an Advisor Member of the US-based "Gilfus Education Advisor Network".


Ioannis Drakopoulos, EU Project Financing Expert

Ioannis brings with him solid experience in Project Funding and EU regional policy. For nearly two decades he has worked in securing EU regional funds (both European Regional Development Funds and European Social Funds) for ICT projects located in Central and South Eastern European countries. In this role he has worked directly with private and public customer and has also advised top technology companies (ie Cisco) on how to create and run a sales operation program with Project Financing to fund the projects of their clients. His expertise covers all the processes and the whole project cycle, from conceptual level to final delivery.  He is currently part of the Management Team at Dextera Consulting and collaborates with i-Expand in Project Financing.



I-expand operates following a “Cloud Consultancy” model and we have a network of more than 30 experts on the fields of Digital Healthcare Technologies, SaaS/Paas/IaaS, Business Planning & Strategy and Project Financing.